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When I first found out I was pregnant I didn't know what to do or where to go? I told my boyfriend that and he didn't take it well because I was 19 then and having a baby...It had been a bumpy ride for at least 6 months of the pregnancy as I was so confused and still deciding between keeping the baby or aborting it and to continue with my studies have a career and then settling down... so much so I managed to hide my bump while still schooling which was very hard for me... the school work, house chores, dealing with morning sickness,nausea just got the worst of me BUT I pulled through... Then finally i gathered enough courage to tell my mother and thank GOD she took the news well...and then the next step moving in with the boyfriend it was difficult at first as he was still taking the whole "pregnancy thing" in.... The time I'm supposed to be given love,care,and attention I got nothing at all, felt miserable most of the time as there was no form of communication between us it was difficult for me I never once bugged him about my cravings at night or how much I wanted to be hugged and finally he came around and promised to do his best and give in his all for the rest of the pregnancy.....On the 14th of March I gave birth to a handsome baby boy weighing at 3.45kg...
After that my life has been on the go... It's so hard being a mother that I feel isolated at times.. trying to keep up with the house work, demand feeding my son and also doing the cooking has all just got to me :/

Sometimes I lay in bed and just think of the stuff I really want like hugs lots and lots of hugs,going for long walks and just getting some fresh air, my hubby and I just talking about us and our dreams.... I just miss all the cute things we used to do before I had Caleb..

Life for me has fast forwarded and I have simply missed out on "THE GOOD STUFF" memories that I wanted to cherish,but from being a teenager I've turned into a wife and mother "LIFE ON THE GO" missing out on all the above doesn't mean I hate being a mom just miss being me and hate trying too hard to get much deserved attention which may sound desperate??


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You shouldn't be with someone who doesn't make you feel loved, baby or no baby. This is the reason that having children so young and before you're married (or in a committed relationship) where the baby is planned is so difficult. You are probably always going to feel like you missed out on thing... Because you did, but it doesn't mean you love your child any less. My advice is to look at your relationship with Caleb's father and decide if it is one that you think is good for you because if not maybe it is better to break it off now then later when your son is older. Hope that helps... :/

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