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Christy - posted on 08/16/2009




Hello, my name is Christy, I am married with 2 step-sons 10, and 11. Also 1 bio son 3.

My husbands ex-wife is making me so furious. We get the two boys every X-mas and Summer vacation. She told the oldest son last year that he can decide where he wants to live the following year. (this year) Well he choose to live here, so we enrolled him in school, did his school shopping, and then she changed her mind, saying he cant live here. We filed the change of physical placement papers, we hope that helps us and him out. Her excuse for not letting him live here changes everytime we talk. She keeps bringing up the past problems she and my husband had. She claims that he is a bad father. When the truth is he is best father I have ever met. When they first got divorced, she wrote a letter saying 'there is no child support to be paid on either side'.(but my husband had them at that point, cause she didnt want them) Well she technically stole the kids from him when they were 4, and 5. My husband gave her $400 a month to help her and the kids out. Even w/out a court order. Now we are barely making it by and told her we cant give her much right now, and she said she is filing for child support and back child support. She practically told us she is only keeping the boys for the money. Example: 2 years ago the oldest wanted to live here, so we asked her if he could, she asked if she would still get the $400 a month, when we said no, she said 'then he cant live with you'.

I dont know how good of a chance she has on keeping the kids, she has 2 different cases of 2 counts of child neglect. We really cant afford to go to court, it costs at the minimum $2,000. But what do we do? Give in to her and let her have her way? She knows we cant afford this, so I think that is what she is expecting. I've been saving all of my profits from my web store to pay for court, but it's not going so well. Please help, what do we do?

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