My 18 month old wont stop Hitting and Pushing

Crystal - posted on 08/10/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi My 18 month old son wont stop hitting or pushing other children over he does it in the shopping centre, park even at the daycare. He will push them over if myself or my husband tell him no he will start hitting the other child everytime we say no. PLEASE HELP ME.

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S. - posted on 08/10/2009




i just wonted 2 say you are not on your own,my 18month old hit's,bites,kicks and head butt's when she dont get her own way i feel so sorry for my 10 year old who is usually at the other end of her out bursts and is more oftern then not redused to tears.she shocks me how violent she is and i have know idea were it's come from.i'v tryed tapping her hand,telling her off,raising my voice all to witch she laughts i'v found the best thing that works is to stand her in the corner with my back to her so she cart just come out or have any attention,i count to 60 in my head then make her give kisses (to say sorry)
if he's hitting whilst out and about i'd have rains so i can restrain him from other kid's and just tell him no and if he paddy's just ignore him if people stair just let them at the end of the day they were kid's the more you fuss him the more he will do it

good luck,he will grow out of day xxx

Jessica - posted on 08/10/2009




You need to physically remove him from that area and place him in a time-out area where there are no other kids or distractions. If you are out and about then all I can think of is a swat on the butt (if you use smacking as a method of discipline) Other than that I haven't a clue! Hope this helps!

Amber - posted on 08/10/2009




Honestly it is just a stage that they go through and at the age that he is its hard to tell him no and him understand completely what you mean. The key is to stay consistent dont let him hit ANYTHING. just stay strong and know that kids will push your buttons.

Rebecca - posted on 08/10/2009




hello i don't realy no how to help the only advice i can try an give you witch you might already be doing is when your out and about like at the super market etc buy some reins to put on him so you've got more control and before you go out speak to him and say if he does anythink like that then you wont take him anywer if he does it at the park dont let him play there anylonger just take him home. anther thing he must be learning it from somewer so look at how the other kids at the daycare play and see if he is learning it from any of them i hope this has helped in anyway.GOOD LUCK

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