My 19 month old son won't stop climbing up on everything!

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My 19 month old son won't stop climbing up on his gate, dressers, toys, etc...We had to turn his dressers around to face the wall because he climbes up on them to get on top of his dressers. When we have his gate up in his doorway so he can play in his room and not get into anything he climbes over the gate and gets out. When he see's a toy that's tall enough to push up to his dresser he does it because then he can climb on that and get up on his dresser. It's like we can't win for losing! Lately we took all of his tall toys out of his room, we took the dressers out of his room, and we took down the gate in his doorway and we just shut the door and check on him every 5 minutes! He's too smart for his own good! But I think we might have the problem solved! We'll see! If anyone has any other advice I'll take it!


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Laura - posted on 09/21/2009




I have a 20 month old boy, and he does the same thing. My parents had all girls and said he's completely different!! I guess boys really will be just boys. I just monitor him constantly. Try putting coach cusions all on the floor and letting him climb on that. That way, if he falls off, the fall will be cushioned. Hopefully, this monkey stage will be over soon!

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