My 2.5 month old Son is Scared in sleep

Parul - posted on 02/01/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




my son is 2.5 months old.he has lot of difficulty sleeping becoz he gets up every 5 min in fear.the minute he starts sleeping,his face goes thru a cotinuum of expressions,most of which shows extreme fear.then he starts brathing heavily and cries out loudly in sleep.when he cries,it is inconsolable.even when i try to calm him buy rocking him,hugging him,patting him,he does not get soothed.if he does and he goes back to sleep,the next second,this fear comes back.because of this neither he nor me have any sleep at all and hence he is sleepy and irritable all day.All suggestions welcome.Please help!!!!


Alexis - posted on 02/01/2013




Young babies tend to sleep a lot. If he's not sleeping you should seriously consider taking him to the doctor-serious lack of sleep can lead to bigger issues. I'd guess that rather than him having fearful feelings, Id say after having two fussy babies that maybe he has gas, colic, indigestion, food allergies or needs to sleep in a different, more comfortable position. I've had to swaddle my kids and let them cry it out sometimes (5 or 10 mins til they fall asleep). Just hold him and cry with him if you must, just keep him close to you and keep calm and be gentle. He can pick up on your frustration, he is a part of you ♥
Try changing his diet if he is on formula (try soy or anti-colic formula), or change your own diet if you are breastfeeding (and give each up to a couple weeks to see big results).
In the meantime you could try gripe water (you give baby a few drops to help ease gas), swaddle or wear him (look up info on attachment parenting, you can find some good tips for consoling and staying close to your baby) in a carrier or better, a moby style wrap (they're expensive and can be tricky at first but they are soooo cozy!).
Maybe you can ask some family for help, for a few hours, for a night, just so you can shut the bedroom door behind you and breathe (and maybe even sleep without worry for a bit).
Environment can also affect us all. If not already done, I'd make sure the area used for sleep is dark and quiet (blinds in the windows alone will not usually do the trick, I hang heavy blankets for nap time to block out the sun). I always have soft, peaceful music playing...though they may not appreciate music like we can, they enjoy the sound and it can help soothe just as well as white noise. Also, having the music on helped get my sons into a sleep routine- they hear the music start, they know its bed time and they relax easier after warming up to the routine for a few days.
I hope any of this helps you or at least gives you hope. Don't feel bad asking for help if you have someone to ask. We may want to do it all alone and be superhero moms but exhaustion doesn't get any easier as it carries on, so take care of yourself as well!

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