My 2 week old baby has a small white dot on her pupil. Any ideas on what it might be? We went to the doctor, but we have to wait to see a specialist..


Brittany - posted on 11/11/2008




hi melissa my name is brittany and i am a mother of 4 boys. my 3 year old had a small white dot on his pupil that we noticed when he was about 10 months old so we had it checked by the dr and he sent us to an eye specialist both of them told us it was nothing to worry about so we didn't.Then In march of this year we went in for a routine eye exam and he was diagnosed with a cataract in is left eye which was removed in july of this year he now has an implant in his eye and has no vision in his left eye. we were told that it was a congenital cataract and that he had it since birth. I think seeing a specialist is a good idea but don't be afraid to get a second opinion

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Jona - posted on 08/05/2013




My 15 month old was born with a dot in both eye. One almost invisible. At 4 month we went to a specialist and she was diagnosed with anterior polar cataract. We patched and did drops and we're told she will most likely will not need surgery. Today her opth. Told us to think about surgery but they're uncertain about the out come and it's our call. I can't seem to find anything usefull on anterior polar cataracts but do document her spots in terms of size. Take closeup pictures and notes. Will be very important later. Hopefully they won't grow.

Chrissi - posted on 11/10/2008




I work for an eye doctor in Norman, OK and I would see a pediatric eye doctor first. It may be nothing but we have grown people that have noticed things like that and some have turned out to be something. Hope this helps. Chrissi

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