my 2 years old baby girl is stubborn , any help

Julia - posted on 01/24/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




i have a problem with my 2 years old baby girl she is stubborn. we have tried everything with her but no good results i am confused and i feel like my day time is all about punishing & breaking rules
i try to play with her but she throws her toys away & go to do sth wrong although she is the who asks for a play time
please help what can i do ?


Michelle - posted on 01/25/2014




You need to set consequences and stick to them. Tell her if she throws toys you will take them away. If she does it again take them away without warning her.
She doesn't get them back when she asks, she has to show you that she can play nicely.
You need to be consistent and follow through with your warnings/threats. This is the age that they learn how far they can push you and if you give in now you are in for one hell of a time as they get older.
2 out of my 3 children are very stubborn but I'm more stubborn (and bigger) then them. Sometimes it feels like a standoff but you need to stay strong. Don't give in to crying or tantrums because then the tantrums will just last longer until you give in.
Stay strong and good luck. It's a tough road but worth it. My oldest will be 13 this year and he is the sweetest child. He was the worst one at that age though.


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Julia - posted on 01/26/2014




thanks a lot Michelle for your reply i will stick to your advice and see what will happen although i punish her by taking her toys away but with warnings and talking to her why i did that i try to explain everything to her in order to understand what is right & what is wrong

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