my 2 yr old is calling my boyfriend dad what do you think?

Ebony - posted on 07/29/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




i have been living with my man for about 6 months i have known him for a yr though. he has completly taken on the dad role for my little girl and is great at it (they adore each other). her biological father has nothing to do with her just the odd phone call. she has recently started calling him dad which is nice to hear and he loves it but i am worried about what could potentially happen if in a yr or two we split. i don't see it happening but you never know..... what age do you think is ok to start explaining the difference between biological dad whos not there and step dad who is there? she is definatly to little to understand now, but i have to keep it open so that she isn't lied to. any suggestions?


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Savannah - posted on 07/30/2009




I don't think that there is anything wrong with her calling him Dad. I mean, there is more to being a parent than just conceiving the child. If he is being dad to her then it should be okay that she calls him dad.

It would be a good idea for her to know that he isn't her "real" dad.

As far as the splitting up, that can happen with the "real" dad also and he could disappear. If it feels comfortable for everyone then I think it is okay.

Karly - posted on 07/30/2009




Hey...i have my own sonewith my partner and i also have 2 oldest stepdaughter started calling me mum wen she was about 2 yrs old first i thought it was cute but then i realised that she could start getting confused with all of this...from then on everytime she called me mummy i corrected her by saying- "no, karly" and kinda spoke in 3 person like' do u want to come help karly hang the washing out" now she is calling me karly and knows that im not her mummy!

Kelly - posted on 07/30/2009




nows the time be up front with her and let her know that if she wants to call him dad she can but let her know whats up!!!!!!!!!! you and your man shold be there give her some examples so she can understand. hope it helps

Valerie - posted on 07/29/2009




2 is kind of young to explain biological parents. My four year old still does not quite get the concept of what it means. I think it really depends on how serious you are....
I met my husband when my oldest (and only child at the time) was 2. Right after our wedding she started calling him dad. Sounds simple enough, lol yeah right, I still unfortunately have to deal with the biological father as well.
Really you just have to do what is right for you... There is no right or wrong answer...

Jamie - posted on 07/29/2009




My 4 yr old calls my DH daddy, she does know she has another dad, but she calls him daddy adrian. We never explained anything other then daddy lives with us and helps with bedtime and chores and loves is very much, daddy adrian loves her but doesnt live with us, so she is special and has 2 daddies. This works for us since daddy adrian hasnt seen her in almost 2 yrs. I think you gotta go with the flow.

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