My 2 yr old's grandmother is a crazy *****!!!!

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Hello Ladies,

i have an on going issue .... i have grandmother issues .... I have great grandma issues ... I have Auntie issues. I have dealt with my boyfriends family for over 3 years now. I have a son from a previous relationship and two beautiful daughters. My son is 5 and my daughters are aged 2 yrs and 3 months. I have been through hell and back. His mother causes me drama all the time whether it's something little or big. She is always in mine and my boyfriends buisness. I'am a young mother, I'am 20 years old and he is 23 years old. Yes I know we are young ... I have a good job that pays well we have a house 2 cars and most important our children. I'm not on welfare I don't get EBT or the medical card. I pay for my food with money out my pockets and i have health insurance through my employer. I don't know too many other 20 year old out there that do what I do matter of fact i don't know a single one! Now his mother we use to get "along" but the monster is a drama fiend. She causes drama between he and i and with my daughter. And i say daughter instead of daughters because the day i had my youngest her grandma (BF's mom) came and said to me i hope she looks like Miley my oldest daughter. I took it as an insult because my daughter was born looking just like me and i'm asain so of course she took more of me, she didn't look like her sister i mean there are some features but very little. And my oldest daughter looks just like her father who is Puerto Rican. Big eyed dark red/brown curly hair long lashes. (she does not look like me at all!!!). Since the day my baby was born grandma asked for her twice noted she is already 3 months. Great grandma (BF'S Gma) doesn't care much for her doesn't even inquire about her at all as if she was never born. Great grandma (BF's mom) came one day to pick up Miley (oldest daughter) to take her to the Puerto Rican fest my brother who was babysitting at the time told GG that the baby was inside her response was "Oh well I'm here to pick up Miley"? Like really favoritism? But anyway long story short They are the grandma's from hell. GG called me today and told me (now she did not ask) she is coming at noon to pick up Miley. My response i told her no because she is staying at my mother's house so i can pick her up when i get out of work (2nd shift). GG called back and said she don't care she coming for her. I texted her and told her there will be consequences because she will be kidnapping. The auntie ( GG daughter) texted and said i must not know the law it is not kidnapping and just a bunch of BS. I brushed it off, however i did call the police just in case if they were trying to "kidnap" my daughter. Grandma (bf's mom) calls me at work ... I don't pick up ... "buzz buzz buzz" ... One missed call and a VM! I click to listen to it the grandma is threatening me with DCFS and a lawyer and court and some BS on top of BS. Saying it's grandparent's right i 'm going to need a lawyer if i can afford one and blah blah blah blah. I did my research and I live in the State of Illinois. As it states quote on quote "it is a privilege not a right". I get harrassed everyday through text messages through VM's and even in person as well as over the phone. What can I do how can i get this lady to stop or at least get the F away from me. I have saved some text messages as well as VM's but not all of them (there were too many to save) Oh almost forgot my daughter came home and she learned a new spanish word "Boba" I don't speak spanish and her dad def doesn't know a lick of spanish. Who taught her the GG. Guess what "Boba" means? Dummy!!! And i had asked the GG how did she learn that? she said idk. "Boba" was taught to my daughter so she could use it towards me. i caught on becuase she would always says "Mommy Boba, mommy boba" I feel like if i keep letting my daughter go over there they will brain wash her and turn her against me. And i don't want that to happen at all. i feel helpless at times. But don't get me wrong my boyfriend/baby daddy supports me and defends me and even tells his mother and grandma off due to the way they wanna handle things and the things they say and do. PLEASE HELP WHAT CAN I DO? Also please note that my family has never caused my boyfriend any type of drama or put him in a situation where he feels helpless. My mother or father never threaten him or bash his name. My family is very conservative and supportive. If he needs help he will go to my family and ask for help before going to his family when his mom comes at me cursing and telling me she will knock my two front teeth out and i will know the real her. I;m sorry but is this the way a grandmother should act? It is what it is because at the end of the day i could care less. But now it's just becoming a real big issue that someone needs to handle the correct way. How can I deal with a situation like this especially with my kids involved with the whole visiting and grandparent's rights?


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wow, what a bunch of drama!! from what i understand grandparents have "no rights" if i were you i would go down to the civil division at your local court house and try to file a harassment restraining order. what they are doing is not only immature but seriously...i dont even know what to say! start hitting them where it hurts, DO NOT let them see your children, especially if your child's father has your it and dont back down. Tell whoever is watching them, if either one of them show up, dont answer the door! i cant believe the nerve of them. it's YOUR family...YOU call the shots, YOU birthed those babies! stand firm, that's the only way i think to get the respect you deserve. i was too in the same boat w/my daughter's fathers family only he thought they could do no wrong. he and i constantly fought any time they were around or demanded something...sorry this is my daughter, we (he and i) make decisions about her not anyone else. well at the time we are now separated and they had a big part in that. now since i have physical custody his mother if she is in town because she lives out of state will text me and be the sweetest person so she can see her grand i said stay strong, some people need a dose of their own medicine.

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