My 2 yr. old won't go poopoo on the toilet! HELP!!


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Shameron - posted on 05/20/2009




Poopoo was the easiest thing for us. Once we got that down, pee was the next to come so I really can't be much help here. Though, there was a very very good resource I used for toilet training. It was called the potty trainer and the woman is just completely insightful. You may want to give it a look.

Tiffany - posted on 05/20/2009




Unfortunatly, I think that it takes the kiddo to just decide that is what they want to do. We started by giving our daughter 2 m &m's when she went poo poo on the potty, but there were lots and lots of accidents. Then she would wait until she got her pull up on at bedtime and purposefully wait until we left the room. My husband and I would then ask her why she poopooed there, and where poo poo goes. She would tell us the toilet; so we knew that she knew where it was supposed to go- and then one day she just started going on the toilet, and (knock on wood) no problems since. I know it is hard to have patience, but for some reason it took longer for the poo poo to click than pee pee. My husband also put her on the "big girl" toilet and not the potty training toilet... don't know if that did the trick, but after that, we never used another potty training toilet again. Good Luck!!!

Andrea - posted on 05/20/2009




I got mine to go poopoo on the toilet by putting him in the bath tub and making him clean himself up. I didn't take very long and he didn't want to do that anymore.

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