My 3 month old constantly wants to be held HELP!

Teria - posted on 12/16/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son just turned 3 months old on the 14th and for the last month he has been constantly wanting to be held. At first I thought he was just crying just to cry but when I pick him up and start walking around with him he stops, i put him down again and as soon as he realizes hes getting put down he starts his crying all over again. I work practically everyday and I leave him with his grandmother who watches another little girl during the day and she cant always hold him as she has 2 toddlers plus my son to look after til around 3. How can I help him not want to be help so much? How can I help him realize that hes ok and that he can entertain himself? I try and show him how to entertain himself when hes lying on the floor by putting a rattle in his hand but he ends up smacking himself in the face unintentionally then starts crying again. HELP


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at that age up until 1 you can not give them too much attention. they are building their security with you and they need to get as much as they can. As they get older you need to start breaking away but now if you or the babysitter is able ot you should hold him if thts what he wants. Of course you can not hold him all the time, may be you can try some different things to comfort him. At that young age they miss being in your tummy and things that are simlilar to it help calm him. Swinging (on the fast setting) helps calm them. Swaddling is something that really helped me more than anything, mine loved it. If he takes a pacifier, thats soothing. You can even put him in a movable bassinet (if you have one or something similar) and bring him around with you so he sees you there with him.

We did the 5 S's and that really helped calmed our son, when we put him down he was very content. You can see it on Dr harvey Karp developed this and was something amazing for us, maybe its something that will help you too

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Have you tried *wearing* your baby? My daughter was much the same and I would put her in a carrier and carry her around with me and talk to her. It freed up my hands to get things done, and she was happy.

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My son is 4 months old and is the same way, if you have a swing or bouncer start putting him in there and leaving him in it for a little while a few times a day. even if he starts to cry. I know its hard to listen to him cry cause it was for me. But the more and more you do it the easier it is for you little one to be alone. at first my son wouldnt sit in it with out crying for no more then 5 mins and now he will sit there alone for hours. its gonna be hard. try putting him in front of the sprout let show. or any kind of cartoons giving him something to look at. Its not gonna be a cake walk but it worked for us. I wish you the best a luck. Just stick with it no matter how much your little one crys.


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