my 3 year old daughter have cyst on her eye lid,what can i do at home to help get it down?


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Angelica - posted on 08/26/2012




Actually, that's not totally true. A cyst on the eyelid is call a stye (st-eye) and is the result of a blogged hair folicle. I had them frequently as a child and they were sometimes painful, mostly annoying and embarrassing though. There are ways to get them to go away on their own without medical intervention, but if they are persistent, it does sometimes require a physician to go in and drain it.

What my mom would have me do is a combination of warm tea bags (the ingredients in black tea are most beneficial, get the tea bags as warm as she can handle) and gentle pressure to the stye afterwards. Have her lay back as she's watching TV and apply the tea bag to the affected eye. Make sure it's snug to her eye, leave on there for at least 5 mins. Do as often as you would like, there's no harm in it. The moist heat will essentially melt the puss that is hardening and gently apply pressure to the stye after the application of moist heat will help it drain.

Styes can be irritating and feel like there's something in your eye. Good luck!

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Not anything that you should do. Take her to the doctor so that they can lance it and give her antibiotics to stem off infection. There are somethings that shouldn't be taken care of at home.

I had a cyst for a number of years on my shoulder blade, I kept forgetting about it, and it finally got horribly infected (6 YEARS LATER) I had to search around for a free clinic because I didn't have insurance at the time.

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