My 3 year old son keeps hitting other children

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i have a 3 year old son and he keeps hitting other children no matter how old they are. He does it when were out at playareas and it is really embarrasing. However he does not hit my 6mth old baby girl and never has. He does it just random, he could be nice as pie then turns round and hits whatever child is there at the time. HELP lol


Laura - posted on 05/18/2009




my son used to be like that (he's nearly 7 now) brilliant with little ones and babies including his sister but put him with kids his own age or bigger and he would wallop them! My suggestion is as soon as he hits tell him no, remove him from the situation and put him in a time out. Then make him say sorry to the child he hit. This worked really well for me especially when we was at a play area and he had to sit and watch kids playing and he couldn't. It is embarrassing, but just be consistant and they do grow out of it, good luck!

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