my 3year old lb will not sleep thru the night

Anna - posted on 01/05/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 3year old has not slept thru the night consistently for months just the odd night here and there but waking up at 5or half 5, im now 6 months preg with his sister and i cannot handle broken or too little sleep for much longer, his dad gets up for him sometimes but most of the time our lb wants me, he has his tv on but if i turn it off hes awake even sooner so we leave it on and he calls me sometimes 3 a night to press play or he wants something to eat/drink or a tissue. I need help to get him sleeping all night before the baby comes but sooner the better i need sleep as i work part time aswel as doing school runs every morning and lunchtime to nursery. Thanks


Sarah - posted on 01/05/2013




What I suggest is to remove the tv from his room. Put in a sound machine and have it on white noise or the noise a fan would make.....I would not do a fan in his room as that would be dangerous at his age. When he wakes and askes for something just say no, it is bedtime or no we are sleeping now. At first you are going to be awake more then asleep, so plan for some sleepless nights. But once you stop the habit your nights will be MUCH better! Right now it is a habit that has formed. He is asking because he can. If he can't then he will stop asking. Once he realizes that he won't get the tv on or to eat or drink something or even a tissue at first he will cry....he is 3 yrs old and the habit has been going on for a LONG it is going to take a bit to break it. If you stay strong and don't give in then after a week or so he will not be waking up anymore because he will realize that when he does he does not get anything anyway.


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Britnie - posted on 01/07/2013




I completely agree 100 percent with sarah. I have a 3 yr old. and she did the same thing consistently up until 6 months ago. I always gave in and felt bad that she needed me. Not as true as I thought it was. but once I got tired of not sleeping or sleeping in her bed with her, it all came to a stop. Tantrums and fits will be expected. if he gets up after you walk out of his room crying begging for drink food, say no . its time for you to go back to sleep. Don't give in not even once because as cleche as it sounds the cycle will start over. The child knows what they can push you to do or not do. So stay strong.

User - posted on 01/05/2013




Have you told him that Mommy and the baby needs sleep, and a good little brother will help out by being quiet?

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