My 4 year old won't stop pooping his underwear

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Even though he is fully potty trained, he doesn't want to take the time to poop, so he tries to hold it in and then does an accident in his underwear. Then he doesn't tell me, he waits until I discover it the hard way. What should I do??? I've tried several approaches but nothing seems to work yet. Thank you for your thoughts on the matter!!


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Thank you for your comments. Yes, I do make him clean his own bottom! I tell him he has to clean it up not me! So I give him diaper wipes and let him go at it. I don't notice any signs before he does it...I usually find out after the fact. I was wanting to put him into preschool this year but it looks like it might not happen. I even told him, "you can't go to school with poop in your pants". I'm so tired of it, now I am resorting to taking a toy and putting it in the "giveaway" box every time he does that. So far I have taken 4 toys from him. I hope this strategy works. If not, looks like Mama is gonna be frustrated for a while lol.

Cindi - posted on 07/23/2009




It is frustrating but it will not last forever. Do you see any signals? If you do lead him directly to the toilet. Make him clean it up. Has there been some sort of change in your lifestyle? Did he have a painful constipated poop that now he is afraid of the toilet? If not, put it in perspective: he's not going to college pooping in his pants. This will pass.

Crystal - posted on 07/23/2009




What I learned from my son is that I made him clean it up and he hated it so he stopped making a mess... Although he was playing in it and he was a bit younger than your baby so I dunno, try it!! He won't like having to do it for himself and will quit hopfully!! Good luck mommy!

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