my 4yr old's hair wont grow!

Jessica - posted on 11/19/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




my daughter was born pretty much bald and now its barely shoulder length if blow dry straight, and its very fine. shes had her bangs trimmed once or twice when she was 2ish, but other than that its never been cut. i get so jealous of other little girls with full heads of hair. is there anything that may help her hair to grow? i dont want her to start kindergarten next fall with such short hair bc kids are mean and im afraid they might pick on her, i mean, i do manage to put it in a pony tail and pigtails but ugh! would vitamnis maybe help or haircuts? (which im afraid to try in fear that it might not grow!) any advice?


Sarh - posted on 11/19/2010




I would avoid cutting it as you said it is short to begin with. However, if she has split ends or dead ends, I have heard that can seriously stump the hairs growth. I doubt she will be teased in school, I had my daughter's (almost 5yrs old) hair cut maybe 2 weeks into school because it was to her butt and a nightmare every morning!!! We donated her hair and it is now to her shoulders. She has not been picked on about that. There are a few little girls in her class w/extremely short hair, if they were not in pink or girly clothes I would have thought they were boys. I met a few of their mothers and I honestly believe their hair is so short due to laziness on the mother's side, the fellow class mates are too young to pick up on that, and you are obviously not a lazy mother. Have you talked w/her pediatrician about this, I would not try any vitamin/mineral therapy w/out consulting the dr as she is so young yet?
If it is not patchy maybe take a look at Short Anagen Syndrome or Loose Anagen Syndrome?

I definitely strongly suggest bringing this to her pediatricians attention, he or she may refer you to a dermatologist.

Angela - posted on 11/19/2010




Hi Jessica! Your post caught my eye! My daughter did not have hair till she was 4 years old. I had to get her hair trimmed. She had a mullet going on lol! She didnt even have enough to put in a pony tail. I promise just wait before you do anything drastic. You will wake up one day to see a full head of hair! Well thats what happened to me. Also kids in kindergarten will not even notice her hair. My child has a skin condition and was almost hairless and the kids were to busy playing to even notice :)

Best Wishes!!

Candi - posted on 11/19/2010




Trims will sometimes help. But, remember that the hair grows at the root, not at the end of the hair. I find that the Mane and Tail shampoo really helps my daughter's hair to grow. She had the same problems that you have mentioned. This shampoo has really helped a lot for her. She had cut her bangs about two years ago and had this huge gap, I was thankful that the lady at the hair salon I used recommended this shampoo for her. I use it to this day. I wash her hair with the Mane and Tail, let it sit a little bit before washing it out and then I use her normal suave shampoo with the conditioner after that. If you would like to try this shampoo, you can normally find it in the pet section, sometimes the shampoo section of Wal-Mart or if you have a Co-Op or Tractor Supply company around they carry it as well.

Erica - posted on 01/12/2014




I would watch her diet. No processed foods, lots of fruits and veggies. If she has any major food allergies, just try and avoid those foods. Also, stay away from shampoos and conditioners as they are filled with toxic chemicals. Try just a little baking soda with water to make a paste and scrub gently into her scalp than rinse out well. For the ends, try ACV (apple cider vinegar) as a rinse with a 1:3 ratio acv to water. I have extremely thin fine hair as does my husband and children. But I've been using the baking soda and ACV for about 3yrs now and my hair has never felt or looked healthier and it's getting thicker too! Check out YouTube 'no poo' as that's what this kind of hair washing is called. But the sooner you stop using toxic substances on the body, the faster it will heal. Hope this helps.


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Janessa - posted on 01/16/2014




I love that about my little girl. I have 3 girls and 2 boys, and they are all different, and I love that. It defines who they are. My first couple have very thick hair like mine, my 4th a little girl has hair like your daughters and I love it. It goes with her spitfire personality. Of course I love my other kids hair too, I guess what I'm saying is I love it because it is who they are. I tell them they are beautiful everyday because they are. I know kids can be mean, but I tell my kids that when and if they are I am here for them, what would hurt me more is if they were mean to other kids because I can not be there for those kids. We never will be able to please everybody anyways. It is better to be happy with who we are. When we have confidence in ourselves people including children can't help but admire that. I am not naive enough to believe that my kids can't be hurt, I know they can be, but there is no way we can change everything about ourselves to fit one mold, nor should we have to, and so I try to build up their defenses instead, and I will be there to hold them when they have a bad day. So far my first 2 are very happy in school, and when my others go I expect they will be too. Also they really aren't as mean in Kindergarten. Anyways good-luck I know no mother wants her child to be hurt, I really do understand your concern, I hope this doesn't come across as anything negative.

Ialckusnierz - posted on 01/11/2014




My little girl is five and the front of her hair bangs and the sides are nice and healthy looking. The back on the other hand is all frizzyy looking and she has a cow lick so it all gets pushed to the side and kinda makes her look bawled in the back. I have broufht it up to her pediatrician and she said that she has very fine hair and she should grow out of it. My husband and I always said we were just gonna shave her hair off and start over because we did that with my son and his hair is fine now. We waited and waited and never did it to her since she is a girl and didnt want to do that to her. Her bangs get trimmed the most since they grow so fast. But the rest of her hair not so much. I finally took her to my hair stylist and she said that she still has that baby fine hair in the back and to keep trimming it every thre months to help it get thicker. I always put her hair in pony tails to hide the back and this makes it worse do to split ends my stylist says. So she gets showers every morning before school and I put in a leave in conditioner to weigh down the back and she gets head bands and sometimes clips for the front. Trims help alot. My mama kept telling me to use the product Maine and Tail. She used it on her self and had beautiful long hair, but she has always had long thick beautiful hair. Myself on the other hand have always had thin hair from my dads side of the family. I thought she was weird and asked about it with other ppl and they said they never heard of it. So I never tried it. But hearing it from someone else on here im ready to try it out. My daughter is actually due for a trim its been way over three months. Oh and another thing, my daughters hair is very thin and breaks easily, so Blow drying or straightening is not a good idea for her. She was in cheerleading this past fall and had to put it up in a pony tail which didnt help it either. Thank you for the tips and hopefully I could of been some help too.

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