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My 5yr old son will not eat meat

Becky - posted on 02/03/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




When my son cameron was litttle he did eat meat and fish. But when he got to about 16 mth he stoped. Everytime i make him a meal he just will not eat it even if his dad and i try to make a game out of it for him. He will eat anything else loves veg and friut.


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my son did the same.. he used to love all meat.. then when he was 2 he decided not to eat any.. he 7yrs and 7 months old now.. i dont see him eating it anytime soon.. we always give him it but he just wont eat it no matter what punnishment we give him..

Katie - posted on 02/04/2009




my sons the same, hes 4, and he did eat meat b4, now he jus wont eat it, no matter wot kind, chicken, beef, turky, he says he doesnt like it any more

Kathleen - posted on 02/04/2009




hi i have a 5 and a half year old who will not eat meat of veggies i know that when she gets older she might eat it so i am not worried we had her on a vitamin suppliment we got it from woolies it was a pink one she was on that for a year but then we stopped it as she was not wanting them anymore

Sarah - posted on 02/03/2009




my son used to be same just give multi vitamins so he can get enough. u makin too much of a fuss as well, i do it myself. just say are you eating them if no then say ok just leave them, guarenteed after month maybe even few weeks he'll eat it cos u not bothered or so it seems. but when does eat or even just a bite make a huge fuss. hope this helps

Debbie - posted on 02/03/2009




My almost 2 year old daughter had the same problem...and still kind-of does. When we have hamburger patties, she has to have some ketchup with it. Even though she sometimes just eats the ketchup off the hamburger for awhile, eventually she takes a bite out the the burger. She also likes some meat if it is cut up into smaller pieces. We have also tried mixing her meat in with other types of meals. For example, with macaroni and cheese, we mix hamburger and peas into it. Don't know if this helps, but I thought I'd share anyway!

Amber - posted on 02/03/2009




Try adding ground turkey to his spaghetti that is the only way i can get my 3 1/2 to eat meat.  My son won't eat veggies!!

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