My 7 month daughter has started not sleep in her cot but will only sleep with me in bed. any ideas?

Lucy - posted on 07/23/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




she still sleep during the night and doesnt wake but will only fall asleep and stay asleep if she is with me in my bed??? any ideas as how to get her back in her own bed????


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Crystal - posted on 07/24/2009




hmm nasty habit to get into but maybe you could put a peice of clothing in the cot with your scent on it? maybe you could put a folded up single duvet on top of the cot mattress to make it comfier to sleep on? my 13 month old falls asleep on either myself or my partner and when she is fast asleep we put her in the cot and she normaly stays asleep, could she be teething?

Sami - posted on 07/24/2009




that is great advice from sarah :)
persistance is the key..i had the same problem when my daugter was around a similar age.
she may cry quite a bit until she gets used to her own bed again, but to win this battle you must keep putting her in her own bed..try playing music or having a telly in the background, or as sarah said a mobile or baby toy of some sort.
the crying will however continue but to get the desired effect you will need to let her have a cry....a little while of crying won't hurt her, provided it isnt great lengths of time. if it continues for long periods you could try patting her on the back or the bottom but my opinion is not to take her out of her bed.
it may take up to a week or more (took my daughter 3-4 days) but she should settle back down.
good luck! :)

Sarah - posted on 07/23/2009




my bub was the same very slow process to wean them back into their bed, the trick is to get them to actually fall asleep in her own bed its like us after a long night out and you go to crash at a firends place, you wake up during the night and for a split second you panic and think where am i!! babies do the same if they fall asleep and wake up in a different place. You just have to persist - put her in the cot maybe with a musical mobile, face her away from you and pat her gently on the bum till she calms downs walk out of hte room waiting behind the door, she will fret and start crying, repeat the process till she sleeps, each time she frets it should take longer till she begins to fret until it stops, if ti gets too bad pick her up and rock her to sleep but try not to. it may take about a week to get it down pat but well worth it. I went back to work and baby had seperation anxiety around 6 months old and did exactly the same, i read up a little on it and i find this worked for me. Give it a try i guess.

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