My 7 month old baby have short sleeps - Any natural remedies pls?

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I have a 7month old baby who barely sleeps. He was like this from birth. He sleep for only 20 minutes and wakes up crying. I would have changed his nappy, gave him milk, cuddled him but still doesn't go back to sleep. And for these 20 minutes sleep, I would have gone around the house for more than half an hour him until he falls asleep as he doesn't fall asleep alone.

At 7 weeks he had 2 primary teeth which fell off after 3 weeks. Everyone told us that probably he can't sleep due to teething pain. Now at 7 months he got 2 bottom teeth out and he alrady stands up on his feet. My husband and I are very tired as he doesn't sleep neither during the day. He keep on putting his fingers in his mouth to brush the gums and he's been like this since birth. Doc also gave us some herbal medicine for him to sleep which didn't work out either! This things is driving us mad even if we have some help from our parents.

Does anyone know some other natural remedies for our baby to sleep so that we can rest as well?


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Hi how do you manage this?
I know is too long now... but Im sort of having the same problem with my baby. The only way he has slept all night long is when I took him after crying and crying (of course after swaddling and cradling around the house, nursing him for hours) into a almost and sometime midnight car ride for an hour in the car seat, then moved him from the car in his carseat and put it with the carseat in the crib. But his parent its no longer with us and after months of deprived sleeping driving in the middle of the night with no more mind feels like craziness to me.

He has already 8 teeth and 2 more coming in his upper jaw. And he is only 9months practically every week has been a teething issue.... have tried the gels, the natural pills, but nothing seems to work... and Im worried he just wont learn to sleep on his own... and Im so tired that since last week I have become angry and impatient and I just dont want to mistreat my child with my angryness... I just feel awful at being mad with him at night... help!!


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Hi Temilyn, thanks for your reply. We do wear him out in the afternoon but he's very energetic, God bless him and he's like this even during the night. Before he goes to sleep he enjoys drinking a warm bottle of milk and before that I would have given him some rice as well but don't know if this is enough since he drinks another bottle during the night. With regards to teething tablets, I never managed to get them from our pharmacies.

Usually I don't reply to him immediately when he cries but when it takes an hour or more, the situation makes us angry and we wouldn't manage to go back to sleep either. Seems this is part of his character and pray each day to settle down as 7 months are already too much for us.

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Have you tried the natural teething tablets? I liked those and I would do my best to not allow him to sleep for a minute during the afternoon. Maybe if you just wear him out he will be so tired that even if he wakes back up at night he falls back to sleep when you don't go and check on him. I had to ignore my first child in order for her to go back to sleep. As long as you know that he is ok. Just stay in your comfy bed and pray he falls back to sleep. Soon he will realize that you won't be there at his every beck and call and learn to entertain himself until he drifts back to sleep. Good luck. Oh and make sure he gets a good feeling meal before bed with some cereal so he doesn't wake up hungry.

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