my 9 month old is constantly whining, crying, tired

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My little boy is constantly whining, crying, tired. His been like this for about 3 weeks, wont play in any of his toys, wont sit on the floor and play with his toys even when me and my hubby r playing with him he still whiny and is like it alot when we are holding him, also every time we put him down to sleep he screems the place down for 10-15 mins before going to sleep, even taking him out his his pram his the same. Im not sure if its because his teething, he cut his first tooth at the end of december its not fully out yet, when it was first comming through he was fine his normal self, then all of a sudden he wouldnt drink his milk or any water at all , his bk to drinking his milk now tho. Also his constipated all the time, i cant find whats doing it :/.

arghhh any help????


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hi i'm having the same problem my little girl is very grumpy lately she was a colic so i'm used to the crying but some advice i can give you is buy some baby orajell and apply it to his gums don't put to much it might numb his throat it is definitely the teething. hope i helped

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