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Well my youngest started pre-k on wed. She cried for rvey bit of two minutes. The second day of school, she cried as soon as I turned on the street the school was on. She screamed for her granny, nanna, older sis and even for her granddad, who up until that moment she couldn't stand. I feel so bad and want to go get her and keep her home with me.....


Robin - posted on 08/21/2009




Karen, take a deep breath! LOL! I remember those days well, and have another who will be doing this next year. Give her a little bit with school. If you find that after a month (or even just a few weeks) that she's just not doing well.. or it doesn't quit when you leave her at school.. then bring her back home with you.

There's something to be said for giving a child the extra year home with you. There's no law that says a child HAS to go to Preschool. Many states have a maximum age (for example: NY a child HAS to be in school at age 5.. NC, a child HAS to be in school by age 7.) Sometimes you just need to go with your gut. Ask her Why she's not wanting to go now?

My daughter went to PreK and she loved it. She would cry at first in the morning before she would get to school... but she would quit crying about 5 minutes after I left.

You can ALWAYS call the teacher to check on her thru the day. I used to, until it became regularly obvious that she would quit crying as soon as I left. :-)

Good Luck hun, and stay strong. It could be just an adjustment for her.

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