My baby has his first cold at 5 months, and I've tried everything from the humidifeir, the saline drops and the dr even percribed him an inhaler, that I do not understand because he doesn't have asthma but I went along with it. I have the baby vicks chest rub and idk if I should put it on him bc my dr told me not to but it say on the box that it's for babies. Does anyone have any cold remidies for babies or any adivce about baby colds?


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Taking them into the bathroom and running a hot shower and letting him sit in the bathroom (not the actual bathtub) while the steam builds in the bathroom helps relieve congestion. They have Vicks tabs you can put in the shower as well! The cold will have to run its course and there isn't a whole lot you can do for them at that age besides being comforting and loving. They're tougher than you think! :)

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