my baby is 5.8kg at 4 months...

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My baby was born at a low birth weight of 2.1kg at 36 weeks 6 days... we went for her 2nd dose of jabs and had her weight checked, she weighed 5.8kg at 4 months.. charted it and she was on the 25th percentile.. will she ever catch up.. ? she is breastfed exclusively and i am waiting she she reaches the 6th months mark to introduce supplements...asked her pd and he said "the weight is good..." but i wasnt convinced..

what say you, mummies.



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I reckon for a baby born at 36wks 2.1kg is a good size baby :-) Of course she wont weigh what other 4month olds weigh if they were born 38-40wks she was 4 weeks early, however she is gaining weight that is all that matters. It can take longer for b/fed babies to gain more weight too. Trust your pd as they know what they are on about. If you are concerned start her on a solid a day :-) she will gain the weight that is suitable for her


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I already wrote a long story, then I had to sign in, and I lost my hole post. but never mind about that. the point is ,, feed her. if u think she is ready for foods, feed her. my son is 4 n half months, weighs 9,3kgs and is very much healthy. he started eating at 3 weeks. he weighed 3,2kgs at birth. all the best of luck and funfilled days with ur little one.

Schantelle - posted on 01/17/2014




just want to add, that when you feel ur baby is ready for foods, feed them. My son was eating porage at 3 weeks. he is now on pumpkin or butternut with potato. very seldom he has purity. He is a very healthy 4 month old baby and weighs 9,3kgs. Like they say moms know best. try her on something light and small and see how she takes to it. all the best with fun n learning with her.

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My daughter is also 4mos old and in the 25% for weight and 75% for weight She is just about the same as your daughter for weight wise she is 12lbs 10oz (about 5.7kg). At birth she weight 7lbs 15oz (about 3.6kg). She was born at 41 weeks.

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some babies weigh less than others. that's just how it is. if your doctor isn't concerned then don't worry about it. as long as your baby is meeting their milestones and their growth is developing along a pattern then it's ok.

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baby seems to be doing well my daughterrs weight was almost identical at birth she was 35 weeks and if I remmber rightly it took her almost 12 months to catch up, dont worry about it, she seems to be doing well

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Hi, my friend has baby at 36wks, and the doc told her that you cant chart her as babies born at 40wks, she is premature baby, its impossible that she would have the same weight as babies born at 40wks...the doc also said you always need to remember she missed 1month of extra time, so its normal she will be "smaller" or she will develop and learn more slow than other 4motnhs olds...she cannot do all things 4months should do, because in real she is 4months - 1months of premature birth, which means she is 3months old and for that age her weight is pretty good. Be happy she is healthy and enjoy being mama and dont worry too much!!!

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