my baby is too distracted to eat!

Tammy - posted on 06/24/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




my baby is 6 months old now, and seems to get so distracted she won't eat. she refuses bottles most of the time, and is starting to only snack at the breast. when i work and am gone, she'll only eat 4-6 ounces during a 10 hour period, and it makes me afraid that she's not getting enough, or that she'll get dehydrated. my job isn't really regular either, sometimes i work days, sometimes nights, sometimes a week off, sometimes 5 days straight; so its hard to get her into a schedule. so far she is doing good, she's gaining weight pretty good, but its really stressful for whoever is taking care of her. any tips or ideas to make eating less stressful?


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Jodie - posted on 06/24/2009




hi i had the same problem with my 2 and i found out if you play with them first then try to feed and they will eat but at 6 months they could be geeting tried of the same thing everytime too so try to give the child something different and see what happenes then. good luck

Vicki - posted on 06/24/2009




Oh dear, my boy is the same age. He's very easily distracted these days! There are times when, while nursing, he's much more interested in the conversation going on, what's on TV, or just touching mom's face. Those times, I figure he's not all THAT hungry. When he is hungry, he does get down to business. When eating at the table, he does like to look around too. Also likes to touch anything he can get his messy hands onto lol. I give him a couple of tries, and if he's just not interested, I don't push it. He has yet to actually refuse any food, he just has better things to do than eat.

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