My baby keeps destating any help?

Jasmine - posted on 07/24/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My baby boy was born at 30 weeks and 6 days my water broke when i was 28 weeks i was very lucky to hold him in as long as i did. He went from being on bubble cpap to the ventilator to the cpap to breathing on his own and now at 34 weeks he just went back onto bubble cpap. The doctors have done chest xrays brain ultrascans heart echo and blood work test on him to see why his oxygen keeps destating low and he most of the time self recovers himself but when he drops to the 20's he needs moderate stimulation. They say he has mild fluid in his lungs and but him on 3 doses of medication to help flush the excess fluid from his body to see if that helps with his destats. I need advice im a first time mom and scared, im at the nicu with him all day and i hate leaving his side. when i leave i feel like a horrible mother cause im leaving my baby alone with the nurses. I dont understand how he could go from breathing and doing awesome for two weeks and do such a dramatic drop! advice please!!


Maretta - posted on 07/25/2012




Hay Jasmine,

your story brought tears to my eyes. In no way can i begin to ompare to what you are going through to constantly have to endure this - I know when my daughter was 3 months old she stop breatheing due to asthma & reflux and was at Texas Children for a week - My only advise is to pray and use the servicese they have. During my small tramatic time I stayed at the hospital (the have hotel style rooms for parents) and I could visit her constantly & also have a specialist check him out a second opoion never hurts. You and your family will be in my prayers and I'm hoping to hear that your son is thriving soon

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