My baby keeps on falling down and landing on her head! Can she get hurt in the long run?

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My little girl started crawling a few months ago and around about a month ago she started climing up things. She is super active and its ok but she keeps on falling down (sometimes on her head) after she climbs something because she lets herself go off the furniture and tries to reach for something else. I try to catch her but sometimes when i turn around she falls off and lands on her head. Also when she is sitting she tries to jump up and loses her balance and falls back. SHe cries and is ok after a few minutes But i am worried wether she can get some damage in the long run! Should I consult my dr?


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Yep, that's part of them starting to explore. She will be ok. They have hard heads :). The only time you need to worry is if she appears to have a concussion (vomiting, pupils don't change in size when light changes, she appears disoriented...) or is she gets a cut that you feel might need stitches. My daughter hit her head quite a few times when she started pulling up. Just give her lots of love and when you put her down she will probably go right back to exploring again.

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My little girl is 5 and she still tends to trip and fall and somehow manages to hit her head on something about 70% of the time..LOL She cries for about 30 seconds now instead of minutes and then goes on with her business like nothing ever happened. I worry about it hurting her in the long run too, but she seems to be fine so far. I just try extra hard to keep things up and out of her heads reach, when possible. I agree with the other Moms, its all apart of growing up...

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Don't let her climb on the furniture. Yes, she will have damage to her head if she repeatedly falls on the same spot on her head. I would ask her doctor about it and see what they say. Just don't let her climb on the furniture, no matter how close you are.

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When I was a baby, I learned how to climb young, and I was sleeping in a twin bed at 11 months. I used to climb onto the back of the couch that wasn't pushed up against the wall, and I'd still on the back and just sit there until I tumbled off backwards, always landing on my head. There's absolutely nothing wrong with me. But if it worries you, definitely talk to your doctor about what you should be watching for, signs of any kind of lasting damage. My daughter also smacks her head on the floor and other objects, and apart from a few bumps she's fine. Just do what feels right to you, and remember that when it comes to your child, there are no syupid questions.

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Oh that's cute! It's so nice to watch them develop new things! My daughter also fell on her head a lot, most of the time she knew she was going down because she always had this smile on her face as she was falling! But they're very tough, its natures way of allowing therm to grow up, they need to learn what they can and cannot do. Although if they do have a serious fall like when another child falls on top of them and they hit their little head on hard ground, then its a serious thing to worry about.

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My 12 mth old girl fell over n hit her head thrice over the weekend. And suddenly she's having fever 37.9 deg. Other than that she's still as hyper as she can be. Should I take her to doctor straight or just monitor first. Im feeling a little worry though. Any mommies ever had the same encounter. Serena

Ellie - posted on 03/23/2010




thanks guys for all your advice...i will keep a firmer eye on her and watch out for any concussion signs...phew its nice to know that it has happend to others. I felt like a bad mum not catching her in time before she falls.

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Those are all the joys of growing up mum. little brother did the exact same thing, they tough cookies, they'll eventually get their sense of balance.

If she falls herself bruises that appear to be worrying then yes, take her to a doc, but otherwise she sounds like you average quizzie crawler.

She should be fine. enjoy your little one.

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