My Children and my step children

Sarah - posted on 06/16/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Okay I'm a 23 year old mother of a three year old little girl and a 2 month old little girl. I have two step daughters 11 and 8. This might sound horrible but I can't stand them! I met there father 4 years ago. I never had a problem with them till now. There mother is a piece of work. She is strung out on pain pills. Not to mention she always needs money she is on disability for crashing her car drunk! Yeah.. She gets that check food stamps Medicaid and money under the table and she gets 500 a month from my husband. And lives with her mom and pays 400 a month and only other bill is her phone! And still asks for more. As for us we are a one Income household with two children two car payments and house payment and others. But my problem is she tells her kids he is a piggy bank. They always go home crying to her saying how mean we are and how we don't let them do anything. It's always a issues. The only time they are happy is when we take them to do things and we spend money on them. I'm so tired of it. They are so mean to my three year old! The oldest just said last weekend she never wanted to come back. I was happy if you don't want to listen and deal with our rules then don't. but he told their mother he would take them shopping so she is here. I don't know what to do its coming between me and my husband. Not to mention he thinks that should just love them like I love my girls and I can't they aren't mine.


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you just have to grin and bear it....its not that bad but there will be times when even your own children get on your will always love them but that doesn't mean you will always like them

Jodi - posted on 06/17/2013




They are children. Sorry, but when you married your husband you knew that he had two daughters. I suspect you didn't totally understand what that may encompass. The way you talk about them is awful. It does sound horrible.

I get that they haven't been particularly nice to you, but they are children. Their mother and father clearly still have issues between them, and this is what is affecting the girls. Your husband is just as much to blame over this.

But your husband is right to a degree. You do need to accept these girls the same way you accept your own children if you want your marriage to last. These are his children. He feels just as strongly about them as you feel about your children. You have to have respect for that.

Have the two of you considered counselling to try some compromises on the issue?


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