My daughter can't drink from a sippy cup, I'm afraid she is going to get attached to the bottle.

Robyn - posted on 09/26/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




My one year old daughter shows no intensions of drinking from a sippy cup, she almost acts like she can't drink from it. I have been trying to switch her for probably 3 months with no success. I've tryied very sippy and straw cup I have found. She can't drink from the straw cup either. I broke her from the pacifier when she was three months and that was easy. I'm just afraid she is going to get attached to the bottle. Do some babies go from the bottle to a regular cup I'm runny out of ideas


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What i did was gave my son a sippy cup filled with a little bit of juice at different times during the day. I told everyone to act real excited whenever he gave the sippy any attention, eventually one time without us looking he had drank the juice that was in it, after that he got the idea that what was in there was good after that he got it. This is the way that we have to introduce most things to him.

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you definitely can completely skip the sippy cup, its just that sippy cups tend to make the transition easier, until they are old enough to have better coordination. it can't hurt to give it a try, just be prepared for a mess :) you will probably have to hold the cup for her while she drinks out of it for a while. my son is 10 months old and we practice with a regular cup while he's in the bath tub :P

have you tried using a hard spout sippy cup, and removing the inner piece that controls the flow?...this will make the liquid pour out rather than her having to suck on it and that may help her get the idea

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I am having the same trouble with my daughter as well. She just turned 1 last week on September 11. I have tried several types of sippy cups and the one that she seemd to like the best was a NUK Tredsetters which have nipples that have the same plastic that her bottle nipples do, but all she likes to do is chew on the nipple where eventually she chewed through it and we had to throw the nipple away. I still have to give her her bottle to make sure that she gets the nutrition and food that she needs. She is underweight for her age and her doctor would like to see her gain more weight and has not been real picky about getting her off the bottle but I am worried about what it can do to thier teeth that I have heard about. My mom told me that my grandma would hold her children and grandchildren over the sink and have them at least take a sip every time she would walk past the sink which helped because it would get to where we would ask for more water after a while of doing this. I did get my daughter to drink a little sip yesterday but most of it just spilled on her shirt. I do believe that she swallowed some of it. Luckily it was just water so I was able to just let it dry off her shirt and just wiped the floor off with a paper towel.

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I took all the bottles way and put a sip cup out and she eventually drank from it when she realised the bottles arent coming back. now shes 15m and gone from sippy with handles to a sport top sippy and drinking out of my cup. its all what u let your child do. Kids no how to play there parents and what they can get away with. now i have a 9 week old and she tryed drinking out the bottle untill she tasted it and spit it out every were.

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K my son gets so excited about regular cups too! he gets a big ol grin whenever he sees me drinking water because he knows i'm going to give him a drink from the cup hehe

oh, and a great way to get her used to a regular cup is by starting with a medicine cup, or a shot glass.

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My son is a little younger but when I went to get him his shots I asked the nurse there about how to transition to a sippy cup and when I should start. She told me that they actually recommend going straight from a bottle to a real cup without using a sippy which I found quite surprising. She said that if they can use a real cup, why not? Not using a sippy cup means one less thing to "wean" them off of. And apparently using a real cup develops muscles that affect the childs speech that a bottle or sippy cup doesn't get to because of the different motions. My son is only 6 1/2 months old but after he has breakfast or lunch I have been putting a tiny bit of water in a cup and helping him drink just so he gets used to it and he actually loves it. Whenver he sees the cup he gets really excited, maybe you could try doing that with your daughter? Like was mentioned though, be prepared for a mess!

Jackie - posted on 09/26/2010




Ive heard of babies doing the bottle to big cup thing but never saw it. I went through the same thing with my son and finally I just threw the bottles away and made him drink from his sippy. They make sippies that feel like a bottle in the mouth and that would help her transition. Then in a few months get rid of those nipples too. Not saying that its sure fire but it worked for me. It may seem mean but my son cried and threw a fit for his bottle but I didnt give in. When they get thirsty enough they will use that sippy.

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