My daughter doesnt like gettin her diaper changed. She rolls and squirms out of my hands. Any ideas?

Sara - posted on 03/24/2010 ( 18 moms have responded )




Every time i go to change her diaper, she screams and rolls around then squirms out of my reach. Did anybody else have this problem?


Crystal - posted on 03/24/2010




Distract her. I give my son the diaper cream and a wipe to play with and he usually stays still long enough for me to change him. Then there are just times when they do not want to sit still. I try to wait until he's a little more relaxed to change him instead of pulling him away from playing. They'll get over it though. And then soon after they'll be potty trained and we don't have to worry about it anymore.

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Aspergers - posted on 03/23/2013




Try screaming at her, they did it on an advert for Asda on TV some kid was throwing a tantrum, so the mum threw a tantrum and the kid shut up right away lol.

The reason why babies and toddlers sometimes don't like getting their diapers changed is two fold.

One because they are still going through the anal stage and get pleasure from their bottom. (According to Dr Spock)

Two all babies and toddlers like being warm, and when they have a BM they have a warm mess pressed up against their bottom's. When they get changed their bottom's go cold because the baby wipes are cold and because the air is cold.

You should invest in a baby wipe warmer, and try distracting her as well.

P.S. Don't scream at her it might scare her, (all be it might amuse her but the kid in the tv advert was probably about 5 or 6)

Courtney - posted on 03/26/2010




try to distract her with something she likes or love the most that helped me out with my son.

Alika - posted on 03/24/2010




my sister and i BOTH have this problem sooooooooo....we tried toys, blankets, different items to no we just lay our respective child on the floor, bed, or couch and pin his arms with our legs so he cant sounds mean but it worked and at first they would cry but we make funny noises while we change and they laugh and then its over with

Jessica - posted on 03/24/2010




My daughter does the same thing. It does get annoying but you just have to keep rolling her over and try to find something to destract her while your trying to change her diaper. When my daughter was a little younger i started to get her to point out the different body parts (head, nose, ears, etc) It worked for me. Now I just give her a toy or try doing that again. You'll get it. Good luck.

Miranda - posted on 03/24/2010




My daughter is always to busy to get her diaper changed....she will sometimes fight me. I usually make sure she brings her toy with her so I don't have to fight her to get it changed!!!

Ricky - posted on 03/24/2010




my son does that too... I change him on the floor so I can pin him down with my feet, its easier than constantly rolling him back. I also give him something to play with, whatever is in reach at the time.

Rebecca - posted on 03/24/2010




my daughter was the same way. From birth and still she is just about two it has been close to the same thing. I found distraction the best thing. Give a toy, sing her a song, favorite blanket.I found the soother helped with the screaming a bit. Just stay as patient as possible. They sense when you are almost to your breaking point.Roll her back over. I use to occasionally if someone was around just hold her hand. It seemed to help her.

Angel - posted on 03/24/2010




My daughter does that too. I've started laying her down on the changing table for a few minutes first, then I have one of those carseat dangle toys that I hung on the back of the table rail with a mirror on it so she can see herself, I let her play with that for a few minutes while I play with her too, then she settles down long enough to change her diaper but she'll want to lay there a little after I change her and continue to play. Might be something for you to try out hopefully it'll work for you all too.

Ashley - posted on 03/24/2010




Big time! You just have to do whatever you can to keep them occupied while you're trying to change then. Try giving her a book, or a toy or something that she gets only when you're changing her...? Then when you're done put it up and praise her for laying still for you. Maybe you can try an award system? If she lays still for you give her a treat & explain why she's getting it. My son likes to open the lid on a tube of lotion, so if he's being unruly, I'll let him play with it while I'm changing him, where typically I wouldn't let him play with it. I've even pretty much mastered changing him while he's standing up! Just find something that works for you & stick to it! Good luck!

Amy - posted on 03/24/2010




My son does that ALL the time. What I've done is learn to change it quickly, and try to find things to distract him, sometimes I'll give him a wipe, toy, tooth brush, anything that will distract him for a few min while I get it changed.

Heather - posted on 03/24/2010




My daughter just started doing this a couple of weeks ago. She's 7 months now and was always so easy to change, but not anymore. She usually calms down if I give her a toy or if Daddy is acting silly next to her.

Meghan - posted on 03/24/2010




My son only went through a short phase of doing this and I bought a special roll of scotch tape and gave him a piece while I was changing him. I think he was more distracted by the sticky than what I was doing

Mykal - posted on 03/24/2010




LOL!!! Im right there with you all. Iv tried everything ... Singing, acting goofy, giving him a toy (my hair clip)...And it takes FOREVER and then the diaper is all jacked up and coming undone when i am done... ughh, it is a task lol.

Yinni - posted on 03/24/2010




i have to distract my son. i have to lay him on a super plush blanket, keep him occupied with a toy (his favorite is a small empty water bottle) then act like an idiot while i change his diaper as fast as i can. if that doesnt work then i use the tv as his distraction for a last resort.

Kara - posted on 03/24/2010




Oh yes, my son does the same thing...diaper changing can be tedious and time consuming. I find singing and acting goofy seems to help, plus constantly rolling him back over. Toys can be helpful too. Do you have anything she can look at - like an alphabet? Good luck!

Alyssa - posted on 03/24/2010




Girl my son does the same thing but, All I can do is roll him back over... Over and over again or sometimes I give him a toy and that makes him happy until I can get the job done. =]

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