My daughter has a strange fear! What do I do??

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My daughter is 15 months old. She has a strange fear of clocks ( mostly only the ones that go on your wall with hands). She will walk into a room with one and point and yell and whine at it the whole time! We have taken her over to the clocks and showed her they are ok but she clings to me and shakes her head no. It's getting to the point where she will not stop whining now since there is a clock in almost every room in the house. Please help!!


S. - posted on 08/17/2012




I googled it and the fear of clocks is a real fear, from what I have learnt thou it is a phobia that a much older person would have and from what I have learnt is that it could be the noise and over sensitive hearing any thing else would not relate to a 18 month old and the phobia.
It might not be a phobia she might just not like them because she don't know what they are, I personally would get a toy one that u can move about and that was bright and look like fun or books with moving clock handels, when she was ok with the toy clocks I would hold them next to the real ones and tell her it's ok. I'm not sure it will work but hopefully she will be fine when she knows they won't hurt her.

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