my daughter has night terrors sometimes but

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my daughter has night terrors sometimes but they seem to be worse since swoped her room for a bigger one, she freaks out about the airing coubourd ( linin closet) on the landing and say "in there" she screams the place down it's awful, so i pick her up and show her that there is nothing in there i wonder if she is amaging that there is something there or if there is something there that i cant see.

what are your thoughts?


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my partner her dad still does it, he sometimes gets out of bed turns the big light on and looks round the room when i ask him what he's doing he says that there are bugs or something like that he has even opened the window before to let them out lol, but remebers nothing of it the next morning

Cara - posted on 06/12/2009




My sister did this when small> She used to see spiders! And would scream the house down! Her daughter used to have them aswell and freaked out about the corner of the room! My own son has freaked out about eyes looking at him (took all my worth not to freak out too!) >

They are asleep but awake, they need comfort and reassurance whatever it is, is very real to them and very scary!

Ashley - posted on 06/12/2009




My son's behavior has always changed with his environment. Possibly she's uncomfortable in this new space and that's manifesting itself in this fear of the linen closet? As a child, when I would cry "monster!", my father would come in with a spray bottle full of water and cover all the places monsters could hide with the "monster spray" and then announce to me that he had sprayed them all and they were gone. It helped me a lot.

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