my daughter has thrush

Candace - posted on 04/20/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




My 8mo. old daughter has what I believe to be "thrush." She has a doctors appointment in the morning but I was looking to find someone whos child has had this to find out what may have caused this!?

After I find out the details tomorrow I will be sure to post something to let you all know how to prevent this bacteria.

thank you!


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Laura - posted on 04/22/2009




Hi Ladies, we are going from thrush to coxsackie virus. Thrush is caused by yeast, most likely a strain of candida. Thrush in the mouth is unsightly but yeast on the bottom is painful and uncomfortable. Keep area dry as you can and be sure to clean baby well at diaper change. Babies get yeast just like we do. If baby is on antibiotics it can also provide the right "atmosphere" to get yeast. The anitbiotics can reduce the good bacteria to a point that a yeast overgrowth can occur.

Coxsackie virus AKA hand, mouth, and foot disease. It is characterized my blisters in the mouth, on the bottom, hands, or feet and a very high fever. Children can develop these lesions on all the aforementioned body parts or just a couple. It is caused my a strain of herpes, but so is Chicken pox, shingles, and cold sores. There is no cure for this disease, it's best to let it run it's course and give the child pain meds. Antivirals are available; however, they are not FDA approved for babies. The pediatrician can right a prescription for magic mouthwash, it has lidocaine in it to paint the lesions in the mouth. It will give temporary relief and allow the child to eat or drink.

Megan - posted on 04/22/2009




I agree with you doctors seem to not know anything some times. My son had this thing caused by the herpies virus. It started out as a fever and then he started to get these soars in his mouth and his gums swelled up. It was aweful. Then i took him to the docter three times with in a seven day span and to different doctors and they would not tell me anything but he had an infection. I think they told me that because they had no idea what he had. Then I ended up getting a cold soar before his was all cleared up. I went in to the ER. I told the ER doctor exactly what my son was going through and the emergency room doctor told me exactly what it was that I had and my son had. He also told me that now both my son and I will get cold soars in the future. I said i am glad to just hear exactly what it was because no one else would tell me. When my son first came down with it my pharmacist thought that it could be thrush and i had already had my son to the doctor once. All the doctors told me no no its not thrush but it was not. I guess what it looked like though is big canker soars in the mouth but all over and with swolen gums. I think as parents we need to take charge of our childrens health and research the symptoms they are having because doctors don't know every thing. then you find a doctor who will tell you what you want to hear.

Kellie - posted on 04/21/2009




Sometimes I dont think doctors know anymore than we do. My daughter had thrush in her mouth when she was only about 2 months old. I went to 4 different doctors trying to find out which one could tell me what caused it. The only thing I found out was that all 4 doctors said something totally different from each other. They all prescribed my daughter different things. Only one of them worked. I put the meds in her mouth and by the time her next feeding came around it had already cleared up slightly. By the next day around lunch all of it was gone. The only thing that I have heard to be concrete about the whole thing is that it is yeast in the mouth and it is nothing harmful unless it goes without being treated because it makes the tounge raw and eventually will hurt the baby to suck on the bottle and their eating habits will slowly decrease. I also have a son and just like his sister he had thrush, but knowing a little about it from the experience with my daughter I went ahead and started him on the medicine I gave to her. So it didnt get bad at all.

Stephanie - posted on 04/21/2009




causes? putting strange things intheir mouth, getting it from anothe rchild. but usually the same as you getting a yeast infection it just happens because of diet and sweat. Its nothing bad, my daughter had it and they gave me an antibiotic to put in her mouth 3 times a day for 10 days and she hasnt had it since

Candace - posted on 04/21/2009




My daughter's doctors appointment was today and the doctor asked me if we let her play with anything that is not sterile. We sometimes let her play with our cell phone and keys. He said that may have been one cause because of the bacteria on the items. He also said it may have been caused by feeding her formula right before bed. He said the formula can stay in her mouth and sit. I was told to feed her water right before bed if she needs something to drink to fall asleep which she sometimes does.

He prescribed an oral liquid to give her once a day for a week and lotramin AF which is an over the counter athlete's foot cream for her yeast diaper rash. It should be gone within a week.

Thank you all so much for your responses. I was really nervous and wasnt quite sure how serious it was. If you have any questions feel free to ask. And once again thank you!

Cheryl - posted on 04/20/2009




a lc told me that I had to look at anyone and everything around. Athlets foot that men get is the same fungis that causes thrush. I had a really bad experience no matter what I did nothing would clear it up. What I did find that helped a lot, was Probiotics health food stores carry it. And I bleached the bottles, and sterilised them several times afterwards. Mothers are typically blamed for thrush, it is the same as a yeast infection and your milk can pass it to your baby, but that is not the only way a baby can get thrush. Every one has a healthy amount of yeast in there body, and antibiotics unbalance that healthy balance which makes it easier for thrush to thrive.

Good luck

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my daughter had thrush at a bout 14 months . im note sure what caused it but i have been told many different things. some say it is caused by too much milk without enough water to rinse the mouth thoroughly,ive also been told that this occurs when certain bacterial levels have been off set. i was never given a clear answer, however i was given some very effective meds that cleared the whole thing up in less then a week.she had not only the little tiny soars in and around her mouth , but she also had the thrush diaper rash as well.luckily we caught it very early. sorry that i have nothing concrete to tell you as far as its origins are concerned . maybe you will have better luck with your doctor. if you do find out exactly what causes this then i for one love love to know. good luck!

Heidi - posted on 04/20/2009




My daughter Lacey had thrush a couple of months ago she's 20 months old and started with a really bad case of nappy rash, I just could'nt seem to clear it with normal rash creams it went right round from her bottom to her front bits, I got her into the doctors and he took one look at her and gave me some Canastan HQ it was gone within a week babys can get thrush in their mouths too you right for getting it looked at hope all goes well x

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