My daughter is 15 months old & she still wakes up atleast 3 times a night! When will she start sleeping through the night?!?!?


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Sarah - posted on 12/19/2012




hmmm.....Not sure what to suggest. I would agree with not giving her milk as that may start a habit. A here and there thing not a big deal, but if it is becoming an every night thing then that is different. I am not sure if you are ready or wanting to do this but maybe trying a pack n play or crib in your room instead of having her in your bed. Maybe she is waking due to there being others in the bed.....maybe becoming more aware that you both are there? None of my kids slept in bed with us, so I am at a lose as to what may help.

Jonell - posted on 12/19/2012




At first we would give her milk in her cup...but now we just let her cry it out & she still sleeps in the bed with us :-/

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