My daughter is 2 1/2 and shes been potty trained for a while, she just started pooping everywhere and peeing at night again,why?

Mandynharley2010 - posted on 08/11/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter is 2 1/2 and has been potty trained for a while now, she would occasionally have an accident, but not anywhere near as serious as lately. She has been peeing the bed and herslef alot the past week and a few days and now twice in the past three days she pooped and smeared it all over my laptop/bed/wall, and last nite the car window while we were driving. I have no idea whats making her do this and she never used the little potty like that she jumped to the big one by her self, so Im scared to put diapers back on her, my dad has them on her at night now because its his matress and he dosnt want it stained. But I dont want he to get comfortable with the idea of diapers again.=/ Any ideas?


Devrani - posted on 08/11/2012




I went through the same thing with my daughter, she started at two and half and stayed potty trained for three months. Then reverted. I realized that she was trained yes but she herself wasnt ready. what worked for me was that i left her to tell me when she was ready rather than frustrate her and myself, and in five months she came to me to take her pamper off and she never wanted them back on. this was almost the same thing with my son. believe me i know how you feel, but it would not be a bad thing to wait until she is ready to be the big girl you want her to be. when she is ready to use the potty herself the change would be for good..

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