My daughter is a nightmare to get to sleep on her own

Tray - posted on 09/04/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




she's 11 months old and i love her dearly but trying to get her to go to sleep in her cot on her own is proving a nightmare she screams the house down until i hold her in my arms and feed her, her bottle until she goes to sleep & put her to bed, please help im at my wits end.


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Jamie - posted on 09/04/2009




Just let hre cry itout. She does it because she knows it gets under your skin and you will pick her up. it will be rough the first few nights but it will be better in the end. And at 11 months she shouldnt need a bottle to go to bed.

Carrie - posted on 09/04/2009




Still have to swaddle our son and he's 2yr 8 months when he's really cranky it puts him out in a matter of minutes..

Heather - posted on 09/04/2009




take some blankets and put them around her sides so she doesn't feel so open. Also give her the bottle to hold on too. and after she is good and asleep take the bottle. I also wait till my son starts to act tired to put him to bed becuase he gets mad if i put him to bed to early.

Cynthia - posted on 09/04/2009




We went through that with our son at the same age, it was horrible.I was so tired from being up with him every night, I was always too tired to function! I finally had to let him cry it out. I know it sounds horrible, and it was when we were going through it, but within a few days it was wonderful. I set his packnplay up in the living room since the nursery was right next to our bedroom, and I would let him cry, and just walk out quietly , pat him to let him know I was still there, and go back into our room and cry! I cried the whole time he was crying, but each night the time got less and less and within about 1 1/2 weeks he was going to sleep within minutes after we put him down ,then we moved him back into his bed. It was very stressful and hard on , me, it would've been alot easier to just give in and cuddle him, but my husband encouraged me that it would pay off in the end, and it did! life has been sooo much easier!

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