my daughter is six and does what she likes and is becoming un controllable help


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Without knowing what you mean by uncontrollable, it's a little hard to offer advice without running the risk of offending you. First of all, I don't believe that each behavior a child is exhibiting is a reflection of parenting. Your child is school aged, so maybe she's learning behaviors from other kids? My mom raised four girls, but she might as well have raised four boys with way too much testosterone. My sisters and I would fight constantly, often getting violent with each other. From my mom's point of view, she was dealing with little terrorists. I remember being that age though. Clicks start forming at school, kids start being bullies, other siblings are favored more, blah blah blah. It sounds to me though that your daughter is probably acting out a frustration. My mom used to have specific days that were just for one of us. Like, she would call it, "Sarah day". That def helped. Maybe you should try it?

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