My daughter's father is a dead beat and already gave up his one daughter that was sick due to the mother doing cocaine and drinking during pregnancy

Melissa - posted on 04/18/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My ex and current husband to my sister, is calling the OPP on me and saying that I keep calling him ( when I dont' even know his number), Because I wrote a letter requesting his income for Child Support reasons, so he went to the cops trying to say I stalk him and Harrass him. Well that didnt' work on his part. Now my sister is getting involved when it's got nothing to do with her. Cause they already gave up their daughter who was sick and had Alcohol Syndrome or sumthing like that due to my sister doing coke and drinking alcohol during pregnancy, and couldn't handle a sick child so they can go out every weekend and ditch their already 3 other children on babysitters every other day. I am pursuing to take him to court for increasing child support, and sole custody. She always has smart remarks on her facebook status about me and my family. It's got NOTHING to do with her~ What should I DO??? Please reply with some suggestions.



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just ignore the remarks from ur sister its annoyong but soemone like that isn't worth the hassle keep all the evidence u can for your court case (good luck) if the hassle gets too much then get a restraining order or something but you normally find that life has a great way of getting back at people! Just be a good mum and try not to let your child know your feelings about him as no matter what a deadbeat he is he's her dad and you see so many cases of a kid feeling like scum cos of where they come from. good luck!

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I agree with Terry 100%, Document everything, even get the babysitters to be a witness if you can. Chances are everything will back fire on your ex. He will probably say something stupid and get himself caught in lies (judges love that). Your sister does not sound like a positive person to be around, hold yourself back. Your going somewhere with your life... Let her be stuck in hers (easier said then done, i know) Just brush it off.. your doing the right thing, she is trying to make you feel bad so you will give up on the child support (that's her money too)

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1) Write down everything she/he does. If there is evidence (facebook, myspace, email, voicemail) print it or save it. If they get violent, report it.

2) If your sister is doing drugs or just not taking care of her kids, call CPS. You can do it without telling them who you are.

3) If you're not all ready, let the attorney general of your state take care of child support issues. That's what they're for.

4) Do not become involved with them. Do not respond. It will just cause problems. Ignore them when they try to peeve you off and just do #1.

Good luck!

Ps. It's messed up that your sister is with your ex!!!!!

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