my friend just found out at 12-13 weeks her babies brain might not be developing properly


Carrie - posted on 02/03/2013




I know one thing that'll help - think positive, don't stress, and overall just eat good food (fish tends to help brain development, so that might be a good idea). The more positive thoughts and good things you give yourself, the better your baby will develop. It's odd but thoughts really do affect things. If you need some idea of why thoughts might affect something, look up water crystals. Your environment/thoughts have a lot to do with how things respond to you, and it's even more so when it's your body or something so closely related. I hope this helps.
Overall, don't give up hope, there are lots of things that can help a child even if the child doesn't turn out perfect. The real challenge starts now, and whatever you do to help yourself will be beneficial...
I hope this helps your friend, you're a good friend for reaching out for more information on the topic. I'd keep looking for more information though, this is just a fragment compared to the information that's out there. Best of luck!

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