my husband and I are separated and he wants custody of our 19 month old baby, need advice asap


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Michelle - posted on 12/08/2012




Not wanting to pay child support isn't a good reason to go for custody. He would also have to prove that you are unfit.

Where I am if the parents do joint custody they work out that we are paying each other child support based on our incomes. The person who earns the most is supposed to pay but it's as much as if they didn't have the children 50% of the time.

Avril - posted on 12/08/2012




He doesn't want to compromise because he doesn't

Want to pay to support her, we live in new Jersey and he's

In new York, thanks for the replies I will check out

Legal services.

Jodi - posted on 12/08/2012




It depends what you mean by custody. Is he trying to get full custody or joint custody?

Sarah - posted on 12/08/2012




Get yourself a lawyer. If you can't afford on, depending on what state you are in, you could get one for free. My hubby and I use Indiana Legal Services for our lawyer needs. If you are not in Indiana, but are in the United States, check with your state's WIC office, the food stamp office and any other free help office. They should have a resource sheet that will tell you where to go and who to call if you are in need of legal services. If you are okay with sharing custody with him, then before you even try to seek legal help, then try to compromise with him. If you both agree then the legal process will be less of a hassle. I would make it clear to him though if you both can't agree on the terms of the custody, which would be better in the long run for everyone, then you will seek legal help. Hope this helps and I pray that he will compromise with you.

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