my husband has an emotional affair with other woman

Reggie - posted on 09/21/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




i just recently found my husband's phone sound recorder which records all the conversation with this woman..many times my husband called her and talk things about life..they talked like best of friends. One call made my blood gose up, when they talked early in the morning about 3 am to 4 am they share each others comments like he wanted to see her oftenly and he's day weren't complete if he cannot see her..and the woman was very amused and was felt good about what he felt and laughing. They almost share that they have mutual feelings for each other but they control it, they don't even want to off their phone untill they fall asleep..Without my knowledge my husband gave money on the woman and told her to buy foods for her and for her son(because the woman is married also with 2 kids but her husband is not always around, i dont know why) in fact she told her son that what's on the phone was his papa but it was my husband. My question this a right doing for a married man? Is this the first step to a crime?l(ike falling in love with other woman) and can cause a broken family? pls advice me what to do..should i confronted her? and him?


Erin - posted on 09/22/2012




Yeah I would definitely ask him about it. It sounds like he's having a relationship with her, everything but sleeping with her. And that's almost worse, because you would think he'd turn to his wife for companionship, not someone else.

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