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Khash-Erdene - posted on 05/11/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Dear moms, how should clever and self confident mom and wife should respond if her husband's phone receives number of chats at 12 am at night (chat sound was telling that the phone was receiving several chats) and her husband silently reads all of them, writes replies silently and after goes to sleep, deleting all the chat history on wechat? I know, I should not have checked his phone behind his back. Unfortunately I could not help it. So what to you think? Please give me advice on this jeliousy issue.

P.S: We have 5 months old DS baby girl. And my husband studies abroad. He is now living in our country with us and learning from distance. In June he is planning to leave for school in order to take exams and stay there for a month. I doubt that the "night chatter" was a one of his single, free female classmates. Because he uses wechat only in order to communicate with the classmates abroad.

Please give me advice. Thank you


Cynthia - posted on 05/12/2013




No it's not jeliousy at all. I have been cheated on to many times. I would put a spy app on his cell and you will get to the bottom of this and save yourself alot of stress down the road.

Danielle Elizabeth - posted on 05/11/2013




The first thing I would do is ask him who he was speaking to. If he gives you an answer that does not feel right to you then ask him why he felt the need to delete the history.. Listen to your instincts and don't Just believe what you want to hear. Marriage is about being able to communicate your feelings and there is nothing wrong with asking your husband with ,whom you have a child to, who he is speaking to in the middle of the night and then deleting the messages. Asking him does not make you any less confident of a woman it just makes you a smarter woman. Another reason why you need to clear the air is it could possibly be perfectly innocent and you will always have the thought of" maybe he's cheating" in the back of your mind somewhere if you don't, and that could lead to big time marriage issues. When he married you his privacy in this regard went out the window in my opinion. BEWARE if he gets angry and defensive when you ask about this mystery chater than that signals something is not right and he's hiding something


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