My husband is military and found a message of mine talking to my ex bf.wanting to flirt all that stuff but I had no intention to do he try kicking me out he was starting to get aggressive so I had to called the cops because he would let me take my son.he says I hit child in the face and has prove of my saying it and has complains of ppl seeing me doing it.he said he's taking my son for two weeks at Xmas to go visite family back east and I will stay home and nothing I can do because the military is approving it...I'm lost he always mentally abusing I might not be the brightest girl but I do love my son...wish I have gone to school when I had the change to do I could support him....he had made me have an abortion on fev 20/12...sadist day of my life loosing a child because he didn't want it....and when I was preggo 2 months preggo with my son he attacked me n left bruises on me....I have so much rage as a mother....I been on medication because I been having anxiety because of him.i really dunno what to do anymore I live in bc with no family no help.


Shanika - posted on 10/09/2012




Whatever you do never let him feel he has power over you, and it would help when he hit you take pics of ur brusies and report him to the police if not its just your word aganist his. Before he comes home file for divoice and go to city hall in file for full custody of your child, talk to your doctor get on your meds and join a support group, just so all your stuff is in order and documented. He's only doin this because you have no family an he think you need him.. Go back to school plenty of single parents do i was one of them and show him you dont need him....ima pray for you, you just gotta be strong it wont be easy but it will be worth it


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