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My little girl was two in august although she knows when she wants a wee or a poo she will not go on the potty and the toilet scares her beacuse it big but whn i say have a wee wee on your potty shes says "no too big" i dont know what to do and i want to try get her potty train as i am pregnant with my second baby please help?


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Ashley - posted on 09/28/2009




try to be consistent with her everytime she ats lunch or snacks she will wantt to use the bath room so bring her use alittle toilet seat and let her pick it she will fell like a big girl and tell her all the time she is a big irl when she uses it. Get something she really likes a specail treat for when she does and get at her level and reaffirm her that she is still your baby but she has to try to potty and be stern and loving and tell her that when the new ababy comes she will beable to teach her how to potty too.Get a specail potty baby that they can use it together . Get her books for the potty and make it fun! Get her to draw pic of her on the potty and paint her on the potty and anything that relates to it it will help reassure her that its ok and she doesn't have to worry. She will eventually brake when she feels comfortable and secure that the new baby wont take her place of being the baby, its probaly just an anxiety of losing your attention with the new baby, they have to go through so much changes when a new baby comes but we all have to go through changes.with moms guidance and that feeling of security she will make it and so will you.

Katerina - posted on 09/28/2009




Hi Erika,

My daughter is now 3.5 years old and I was in the same situation as you, where her baby brother was born when she was 23 months. She too knew and could tell me when she needed to pee or poo, but also complained that the toilet was too big. I tried all the tips, books and visited every site I could find but nothing worked. I just kept persisting and made sure that at every nappy change I would explain to her that it's yucky and dirty to carry her own waste around all day, that a toilet collects the mess for her so she can be clean and beautiful, I really prittied it up as she is quite girlie. One nappy change when she had just turned 3, I asked her to try the toilet as usual, but she said yes this time & has not gone back since. It was horrible having 2 kids in nappies but they say each child in their own time and it really is true.

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