My mother is a drug addict

Monica - posted on 05/08/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




My parents separated 5 years ago and since mom has been with another man, anyway he has always been a pot head but it never really seemed like she did it too however in the past year their addiction to pot has spiralled out of control. They will literally sit in their room and smoke 24/7 the only time they aren't getting high is when they are sleeping or working.. My mom has become extremely lazy! They will cook themselves all this food and then leave the kitchen a disgusting mess for days. The house stinks. Yesterday i called the home phone to see if anyone wanted me to grab them dinner on my way home from work and she was slurring her words and was completely out of control. I had to hang up because i can't deal with her when she is like that.

I am 6 months pregnant, due in August and there is no way i will ever trust her to be around my baby alone and to be honest i don't really want her at the delivery even though she has invited herself. Do you think i should talk to her or she isn't going to listen to a lecture from her 20 year old daughter anyway? She is 45.


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Danielle - posted on 08/07/2013




Hi Monica,
I can tell you (recovery addict clean for over a year) that it will be helpful to tell her how you feel but also know until she realizes she has a problem she won't change. Addiction is a tricky thing. Also sometimes to be healthy ourselves we have to put the unhealthy people aside

Soniya - posted on 05/09/2013




Dear Monica,
Everyone needs someone with them to share their feelings.You know about this website so u post ur feeling here. But what about your mother.Just think. She want somebody to talk.somebody to share her pains and feeling. atleast to fight she want someone. please dont avoid her. just think she is your daughter. will you quarell with your kid for disturbing u in ur stomach?no ryte? just like that .try to give more love. love can changes her charectr. U r now dont get tensed.that was not good for your dear friend, please try to speand time with her.make many calls to her.She will surely understand u and ur love.atleast for her grand son/daughter she will change.My prayers for u.Pray well dear..

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