my newborn is 45days now.He was quiet ok for first 30days in his cribs .But for last couple of days he doesn;t want to sleep there .whenever i put him in the cribs ,he gets up .how does he know he is being placed in the cribs while he is sleeping?


Samantha - posted on 12/31/2012




My baby was this way at first and I had to add/change quite a few things to her to stay asleep. I always swaddle her tightly with her arms down to help prevent her from startling herself awake. I also put a heating pad in her crib on low to warm the mattress and move it before I lay her down. I usually sit with her a few extra minutes after I think she's asleep not patting or rocking her, just to be sure. On nights she's particularly restless I use a white noise machine in her room to help drown out other noises. Hope this helps!

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