My one month old wont sleep in her moses basket.

Arsenida - posted on 08/03/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello to all the mums :) i have a one month old daughte, she is my first. When i first had her even at the hospital i used to let her sleep on my chest because i was scared someone will take her ( i know its stupid lol) and ever since she has been sleeping in my chest or my husbands i stay up all night because im scared i will go into deep sleep and will drop her. As soon as i put her in her bed she crys as if her bed has pins and needels i tryed putting her in our bed but doesnt want to sleep there either. Please help because im shatterd

Thank you x


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Sandie - posted on 08/03/2012




If you're breastfeeding I would say do some research on safety and let her sleep in bed with you, I go to bed around 11pm with my 8week old daughter, she falls asleep after a feed, during which we are facing each other on our sides, then I fall asleep after. I get a full nights sleep, just waking to turn over and switch breasts a couple of times, but if she wasn't in bed I'd be tossing and turning anyway lol. It's amazing! But if you're bottle feeding it's not recommended to bed share with your baby. As long as you do it safely, bed sharing is brilliant, it's definetly kept me sane!
I did the same with my 3year old son and when it came time to move him into his own bed, we has fuss for about 2weeks, but then he was fine, he goes to bed at 7pm and sleeps through til morning, it's not as hard to get them out of your bed as people say, as long as you decide it's time then stick with it and it will work.
If you really want her in her moses basket then maybe you could swaddle her, making her feel like she's being cuddled, put something that smells of you in there with her.

Chaya - posted on 08/03/2012




Actually, a baby sleeping on your chest isn't a bad thing, but you need to sleep. Try putting the baby to bed a couple of hours before you go to sleep and let her cry it out. It's not a bad thing to let the baby sleep with you, but if you start, it'll be hard to stop. Right now, your sleep is probably more important.

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