My one year old constantly wants to be carried...HELP!

Sasha - posted on 07/19/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is about to turn 14 months and just recently he started throwing these little fits because he wants me to pick him up. He will follow me around the house and hold onto my legs screaming until I eventually give in and carry him (he'll stop crying, instantly). I love my son with all of my heart but I need 30minutes to do dishes, fold clothes, shower, etc.I work from home so it's hard to get anything done with him on my lap and him trying to grab everything on my desk. I'll set him up with toys in the living room and I'll even put on his favorite cartoons if it's getting that bad but he'll get distracted for 10 minutes and come crawling into whatever room I'm in and start all over again! He's really bad with naps too, I try to keep our days routine but his nap schedule is never the same day-to-day. What should I do?! I always check to see if he has a dirty diaper, he'll cry after he's been fed and I try to put him down for a nap but that doesn't work either. It's starting to wear me down, his crying is just constant and I feel like I've tried everything! HELP!!

He hasn't shown any interest in walking either, he was a late crawler (11months) as well. He'll walk holding onto things; tables, walls, etc. but when we go walking in the park he'll walk for a little but then give up and throw himself to crawl. What are some tips to encourage him to walk on his own a little?


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Sasha - posted on 07/20/2012




lol! I know, Maretta! He is extremely spoiled. His little tears and the way he holds on and says "momma" just kills me! We just had three daycare deaths in South Florida so the idea of daycare is just nonexistent, I have been looking for mommy and me classes everywhere! But most of them are a drive away from me. I think I'm going to call my local libraries and see if they do Story Time groups. Hopefully getting him out of the house for more than an hour will tire him out and get in some social time. Thank you, Maretta!

Maretta - posted on 07/19/2012




Hey Sasha,

I think your son is SPOILED!!! lol they are sooo cute it is sooo easy to give into him, but you have to stay strong and stick by your word. I use to work at a childcare facility and i think that a mothers day out profgram would be great for him for the social experience to give yo a break and also to help with the discpline aspect of parenting.

A mommmy group would be fun also.

He can already sense that he has you wrapped around his finger and getting his way isn't hard. If childcare isn't your choice than for nap time i would strongly recommend that you put him in the bed play soft music turn off the lights and LEAVE THE ROOM. everytime that he gets out (if possible) put him back in than leave again (dont stay in sight longer than 30 sec) also pick a designated nap time. I do 12-2 with my daughter & continue the rountine on the weekends.

Walking....My daughter was a late crawler/ walker also but the doctor ask me....."Does she have a reason to crawl/walk?" I realized that as a mommy i would do everything for her. Also try getting him a walking/riding toy. Put on him some socks and sterdy shoes with angle support and talk a walk around the neighborhood that will also make him ready for a nap

As far as independant play that will happen over time........Just don't give into him as much allow him to cry (no longer than 30 mins) bu it only helps strengthn the lungs and your doctor could give you advice too. Texas childrens website also have tips for parenting

Good Luck

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