My sad little story.

Ashley - posted on 08/10/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




Hello everyone,

I have a 23 month old son named Aston, he is sweet tempered and a little bit shy. He harldy ever gets to play with other kids and that has been both my fault and the fault of our situation. He is finally getting curious about other kids and when I take him to the park and play centers he is just as happy to play by himself and watch other kids.

Today I was at the park and there were a group of children there, one was only a few moths older than my son and the others were 4-5. My son was playing with the toys the group brought with permission from the kids mothers, but the one little boy decided that my son was a stranger and he wasn't allowed to play with their toys anymore. He basically turned all the kids against my son and gave him only broken toys and such.

My so being a little gentleman didn't care he just was happy to be around other kids, so then the kids kept moving whenever my son came near, the mothers told them to play with him and scolded the kids for being mean, but they are kids and they didn't want to play with my son so they didn't, my son didn't understand how he was being treated. I was so heartbroken.

There is nothing wrong with my son he is a healthy normal little boy, loves cars and parks, so I am not here to shout out some injustice. I was just so sad that my son finally had a chance to play with kids ( we can't afford some play groups, and the ones in my area are so spotty that sometimes were the only ones there anyway.) and they treated him like an outsider.

I just wish I had friends who had kids! my friends are all single or live far away. I join online groups that claim to be "playgroups" then nothing ever happens or it happens a the other end of a city that can take 2 hours to navigate. I understand my fault in the situation I could make the trek, but then it's a huge 2 hour ordeal for 1 hour of play.

Bah I guess it's just frustrating sometimes to be lonely for your sons sake.

thanks for reading!

Ashley (Aston)


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Katelynnw - posted on 01/16/2014




I have a sader x n I were together for 7 years waiting to have kids till I finished school . We broke up for 2 months and during tht time he b got another girl pregnant. .. he came back apologized and I agreed to take tht baby into our lives. We were the happiest we had ever been and we decided I might v as well get off birth control and we could start trying too since we already had one on the way.

I got pregnant the very next month. ..he was going back n forth to baby mama house helping her going to appts and watching her 1st daughter who she b had when she was 16 whos dad was in jail. I was helping with this financially and even watched her child once at our home... she was v never happy about us being back together and would send me text childishly letting me know...I was 21 and she was 18 at the time...we never told her I was pregnant too because we didn't want to stress her as we knew her history of drug use.premature births and smoking habits. ...

then one day we got a call tht she was in labor. bf went to hosp and her mom and her wouldn't let him in the delivery room. . he was upset. .came home crying then finally they let him come and his child was born at 29 weeks and in nicu for 4 weeks. He would go up and be there on and off but would come home to shower get clothes. ..I was never allowed up and was busy at home getting everything ready anyway. .. one day I called his phone and she answered and said quit calling her husband..I told her to let me talk to him and he said he would be home soon to talk.

Here they left baby in hosp and went to Vegas to get married. .. he came home n told me tht he had to do it or she wouldn't let him be apart of his baby's life and he knew i would be a better mother than her... we packed all his stuff and the babies stuff up and he left we kept contact and seeing each other till the month before I delivered and he jus disapeared .. his phone of f and jus gone I searched every where

there any comments welcome...the rest of my life is private and gaurded now

Jennifer - posted on 08/14/2009




Just read your post So sorry you and your son were treated like that !! but kids r kids and they learn from there parents so just look at it this way do you really want him playing with some one like that and do you wanna be friends with ppl that teach there kids to be like that sounds like you just havent found the right friend yet it will happen for you dont give up !!!

Heather - posted on 08/14/2009




My daughter is shy too, and just turned 25 months. She loves parks. I am currently a stay at home mom attending school. I try to take her out for interaction with other little ones. I find that libraries are great. She loves it. There are free "reading and play" times. They do little songs, play, and read. She is learning, and interacting with other kids. I have noticed since I have begun doing this she is more open and playful with children at the park, and they are more into her also. She is no longer the intravert at the other end of the park. She is now either the center of attention or following all the others, running, laughing, and playing. Hope you have libraries to try out. It is free, educational, and great!!

Sarah - posted on 08/13/2009




hey ash i no wat its like im a sinlge mum have been since my son was born hes now 18 months and like your little boy very shy doesnt play well with other kids but loves to go to playcenter and loves to paint, i hve the same problem you do but i dont drive as i cnt afford to get my licence and all my friends dont have kids i no how hard it is, so if you every want to chat just let me no im always here and hang in there

Cheryl - posted on 08/10/2009




I feel for you! I'm a young mom and while all my friends are partying at the bars I'm at home changing diapers. It gets lonely but I wouldn't change my situation for the world either. I am actually going to start teaching some mom n' me classes in the fall because I think it would be good for both of us to be around other mommy-baby pairs, maybe that's a possibility for you too?

Stephanie - posted on 08/10/2009




I feel for your situation. What about neighbors? I get together with one mom but she has 2 kids and we meet at the part twice a week sometimes. It is harder for her since she has 2 and I have 1. I hope you find someone for you son to play with.

Tasha - posted on 08/10/2009




So sorry about your park incident. Maybe next time he'll have better luck.

What about daycare? is there somewhere you could send him for a few hours or maybe a day, you could get some free time, maybe to grocery shop and he could get a chance to interact with other kids.

hmm easier said than done. I know I couldn't do that because of the cost. but it is an idea.

Samantha - posted on 08/10/2009




I'm sorry you and your son are having a hard time finding playmates for him! Where do you live?

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