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Natasha - posted on 06/09/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




I just really need to vent. My sister is 2 years younger then me but acts like I'm the younger one. She talks to me like I'm a kid and tries to make me look bad constantly. But anyways. My sister in-law had a baby the other day. The only place that delivers babies is Brandon which is an hour and a half away but we really wanted to go in and see the baby. My sister lives there and asked if we could pick up the new t.v. she bought because it wouldnt fit in her car. So since we were going in anyways we said sure and asked her to watch our son for an hour while we went to the hospital. And she said ok. Well we were running behind and asked if it would be ok for us to drop Donavin off and then pick up the tv after we were done at the hospital. And she said ok to that too. So we get to her Apartment and i stand out in the rain or 15 minutes with my son that just got over a cold and she didnt answer the door. Then when i start walking back to the van i see her car come flying out of the parking lot. So i get back to the van and text her saying what the heck you said you would watch him and then you leave before i get there. We already are half way to the hospital and she calls me and says sorry i went to wal-mart im home now. i Just hung up i was so pissed. But we said we would still pick up the tv for her. After we got out of the hospital she tells us she got another friend to pick up the tv and asks us when we are dropping Donavin off. I was so annoyed with her but then started thinking this works out better anyways and just forgot about it.

When we got home we put the kids to bed and i checked my facebook and her status says:

"whats the point in helping someone when every time you try to they shit all over you??"

I was like what he hell we were planing on helping you and you went and got someone else to do it instead. If anything i should be the one mad not her. That what i think anyways. And the dumb thing is she was thinking the important reason we went there was to help her when we were going to seeour new nephew. She is so selfish.

Sorry its so long but i really just needed to vent a little. She does stuff like this all the time.


Corinne - posted on 06/09/2009




best defense might be to stop trusting her word! make aplan but have a back up! that way if she continues to dissapoint you you wont be left in the dark!

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