My son doesn't like being on his tummy at all. Any ideas on how I can get him to like it?


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Betty - posted on 09/16/2009




Try placing him at an angle for a while and slowly get him on a flat surface over time. Also put yourself in his shoes. Do you like laying on your tummy? I don't!

Lindsey - posted on 09/16/2009




my son hated it until he figured out how to roll. then it was ok. you just deal. its hard, just give him tummy time four or five times through the day, even if its for like a minute each time. well that at least worked for us. we just did it through the day until he really started crying then we stopped and tried later on...hope that helps

Julie - posted on 09/15/2009




Tummy time doesn't have to be on the floor. Try laying on your back and laying him on your tummy or chest. Or one thing my son loved (and still does, he is almost 1 year now), is for me to lay on my back, pick up my legs, bend my knees, and lay him on his tummy on my shins. When he looks down, he can see my face, and he can also "fly" back and forth through the air. Also a great ab workout for mommy!

[deleted account]

Like Erika said keep it as short as possible.

Get down close to him and choose a toy or two he likes when he is sitting up and distract him. let him fuss a bit (say if you can get him to not fuss for about a minute let him fuss for about 30 seconds) slowly do this until the time is a bit longer each time you do it.

It will not hurt for your son to fuss while hes having tummy time, and will probably motivate him to figure out how to fix his own position to what he likes. My kids hated tummy time until they learned how to roll or pick up a toy then it was more fun to be down there.

[deleted account]

honestly i dont think there is much, maybe get down with him and keep him entertained with bright toys. and only keep on his belly for a min or so. he has a low attention span so keep it simple. good luck

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